I really liked that school.
Teachers and all the staff are very kind and nice and can assist whenever there is a problem.
The school is located in a good place, so you can have fun and visit nice places around Tokyo and yokohama.
And you can also visit nice places with school trip.


I really enjoyed studying at Kanrin Japanese School.
The teachers were always well prepared and approachable.
If there was any point that I needed extra help with, I could ask them even outside of class hours and they were always happy to help.
I am not from a Kanji using country so I was a bit worried but they quickly put me at ease.
There were lots of opportunities to practice reading and writing so by the end of the course I felt comfortable with my level.
Japanese is taught seriously at Kanrin with the aim at producing graduates fluent in the language.
I would recommend them to anyone who needs to learn Japanese for daily life, to attend university or for work. Thank you.


Hi, I'm Nattee from Thailand.
I studied at Kanrin Japanese School in 2010.
One of the good things I want to mention is that I could pass N2 of JLPT exam after studying at this school for about 1 year even though I first started learning Japanese from beginner's level.
Teachers are so professional that they know how to teach Japanese language efficiently for international students.
School staffs are also very kind and helpful that you can ask them for any problems or issues, and they actually made my first-time study abroad experinece very comfortable.
I also want to say that school is located in a convenient location and it's very easy to walk around there.
For those who are looking for a good Japanese language school, I'd highly recommend Kanrin Japanese School!


Hi, I'm Daniel from Angola. I studied at Kanrin Japanese School about 2 years(2009-2011).
Studying at this school besides the Japanese language I also learned a lot about japanese culture.
I met students from other countries so we could talk and that helped me also to develop my intellectual capacity.
Besides the well trained and professional teachers what most impressed me in this school it's the hospitality and kindness of the President and all staff.
Kanrin has libraries for researches, free internet for students and a bilingual staff ready to help you.
Kanrin Japanese School provides training to students from level 0 in Japanese and follows the development of each student and helps the student to apply to Japanese technical school, Japanese universities, Japanese companies, etc.
I also didn't speak the Japanese Language before but thanks to Kanrin Japanese School I speak fluently Japanese Language and I'm working in a Japanese company doing network.
So don't wait anymore come discover yourself, come open the doors of your future.
Kanrin Japanese school where dreams come true.


Nice to meet you, My name is Vladimir.
I studied at Kanrin Japanese School for 2 years.
It was very fun and interesting.
I joined the school in 2008, and started studying from zero level of Japanese.
When I graduated from Kanrin in 2010, my Japanese level reached to N2 level.
All the teachers and staffs are so kind that they help students for many cases.
Students are also fun to hang out with, and I made a lot of friends at school in 2 years.
If I would study Japanese again, I will definitely choose Kanrin Japanese School!
For those looking for a Japanese language school, Kanrin Japanese School is the one you can find good chances and opportunities to achieve your study!

2010graduate/Cherry(Kingdom of Bhutan)

Kanrin is one of the wonderful Japanese Language School for Foreign students.
I am an ex. Student who studies there for almost 12 months and I had one of the greatest experience and moments of my life.
The faculty of the college are just awesome, helpful in each and every way, very friendly, excellent service and they won't make you miss your old school days.
And guys if you are looking for an awesome Japanese Language school I would highly recommend Kanrin, it's very close to Tokyo and Yokohama and there's a train station just a minute away making the school location so very convenient.
I have attached some of my favorite moments and its captured during my graduation day my last day at the Kanrin.
And the third picture is with one of my favorite, The Principal of the college.
One of the greatest and the humblest man I ever met!
2010alum 2010alum 2010alum