Hi, I'm Daniel from Angola. I studied at Kanrin Japanese School about 2 years(2009-2011).
Studying at this school besides the Japanese language I also learned a lot about japanese culture.
I met students from other countries so we could talk and that helped me also to develop my intellectual capacity.
Besides the well trained and professional teachers what most impressed me in this school it's the hospitality and kindness of the President and all staff.
Kanrin has libraries for researches, free internet for students and a bilingual staff ready to help you.
Kanrin Japanese School provides training to students from level 0 in Japanese and follows the development of each student and helps the student to apply to Japanese technical school, Japanese universities, Japanese companies, etc.
I also didn't speak the Japanese Language before but thanks to Kanrin Japanese School I speak fluently Japanese Language and I'm working in a Japanese company doing network.
So don't wait anymore come discover yourself, come open the doors of your future.
Kanrin Japanese school where dreams come true.