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The courses

2 year course

2 year course

1 year and 9 months course

1 year and 9 months course

1 year and 6 months course

1 year and 6 months course

1 year and 3 months course

1 year and 3 months course

Beginners Level

 (Beginners Level 1,2,3)
The beginner level course has 3 levels starting with the basic from the Japanese Alphabet to the N3 Level training. Supplementary sessions are also available for extra support after class. This course is both fascinating and fun.

Intermediate Level

(Intermediate Level + Preparation for college)
In this course, students are trained in Kanji, vocabulary, grammar and reading allowing them to reach the N2 Level. In addition they are given the chance to enhance their communications skills through Speaking and Writing drills. This course is designed to meet various purposes of study of students.

Advanced Level

 (Advanced Level + Preparation for college)
In this course, students are trained to pass the highest Japanese proficiency level N1, by teaching them all the kanji, vocabulary, grammar and reading needed to reach that level. In addition this program aims to prepare students for speechwriting and discussion and debate by means of newspapers reading and news analysis.

Optional Classes
Optional classes are available for those students who are above the intermediate level. Among these optional classes there is a course for students who plan to go to graduate school, another course for the preparation of the EJU and finally a preparative class for the JLPT.
For more information about how to enter colleges in Japan click here

Conversational Classes
These classes are mainly designed to help students improve their conversation skills. There are 2 conversational classes available at the moment: a course for the students of level N2 and another one for the Advanced level students. In this class students are introduced to the Japanese culture as well.

Class schedule

* Private lessons also available for those who live in Japan, but can't attand classes according to the schedule. Feel free to contact with us for further information.

Class Schedule

Morning Classes
  1. 9:15 to 10:00
  2. 10:05 to 10:50
  3. 11:05 to 11:50
  4. 11:55 to 12:40
Afternoon classes
  1. 13:15 to 14:00
  2. 14:05 to 14:50
  3. 15:05 to 15:50
  4. 15:55 to 16:40

About entering a college in Japan

To enter a college in Japan you need both the right information and academic ability.
The programs shown below are offered in Kanrin Japanese School in order to prepare students to enter colleges

<Necessary information for entering a college>

  • Personal counseling
  • College orientation
  • Participation in Japanese colleges open campus
  • Participation in seminars about college admission
  • Orientation on documents needed for admission
  • Training on admission essays and interviews
  • Colleges information corner
    *Catalogs and admission forms for different colleges*

<Academic ability required for entering a college>

  • Optional classes on chosen exams
    Preparatory class for graduate school entrance examination
    Preparatory class for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International students.
  • Supplementary courses after class on chosen subject
    English: TOEFL and basic english exams
    Maths (Course 1) (Course 2)
    Japan and the World
  • Training on entrance exam's essay writing
  • Kanji Club
    This is a course specially designed for students who have trouble with Chinese characters
    Each student is given a drilling worksheet with different kanji depending on their level
    The teacher go around the classroom to help those who have questions or trouble
    Anybody from beginner level to the advanced classes can join the class

Preparation for Graduate School Entrance

Preparatory classes for Graduate School Entrance are available for those who are in Intermediate level and up.
In class, students are informed about the Japanese Graduate School system. They are also trained to write
resumes, research plans, letters and e-mails to professors.
There are teacher counselors who are specialized in Grad-school examinations.
Students are introduced to Kanrin graduates who are attending the same grad-school.

Preparation for University Entrance

Preparatory classes are available for Intermediate level students who want to pass
Examination for Japanese University Admission for International students.
Students have regular drills tests allowing them to get acquainted with the exam.
They are also given mock tests not only before the examinations on June and
November but also any other time for those who are interested on more mock exams.
Extra classes for English, Japan and the World, and Mathematics
are available for those who request it.
Students are also trained according to the entrance exam of the university of their choice.

Preparation for Professional Schools Entrance

In Japan there are a lot of vocational schools.
Students choose a school according to their goals.
In Kanrin, we have vocational schools fair to help student make their choice.
In order to enter a vocational school, the students are prepared at school.
They are trained to write essays and to pass school interviews.