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Our Teachers

Our institute has indeed the best teachers. More than 60 instructors, well-experienced and qualified in teaching and also many other fields of society are holding every day great classes. They teach with very much passion and hold enjoyable classes. Our teachers do not teach only the language, but also the Japanese culture, history and the Japanese way of thinking. They work hard to help students to increase their knowledge of Japan.
Our teaching staff is constantly working and making efforts to get involved with students, for what they are living up to the slogan "Along with the Student". Even after graduation many students visit our teacher's lounge to get an advice from a former teacher or just drop in to have a little chat. The deep trust between students and teachers that was built over a long time is a characteristic feature of our institute.


Hiroshi Nagaoka

Hiroshi Nagaoka - Principal


Ayako Kishine

Ayako Kishine - Instructional Supervisor

Kaori Takahashi

Kaori Takahashi - Academic affairs

Daisuke Oga

Daisuke Oga - Academic affairs

Akemi Kobe

Akemi Kobe - Overseas Department, Manager of China

Valeriya Krasnozhon

Valeriya Krasnozhon - Overseas Department, Manager of North America & Europe

Yoko Nagaoka

Yoko Nagaoka - Overseas Department, General Manager

Kumiko Nagaoka

Kumiko Nagaoka - Overseas Department Office Manager

Mayumi Tanage

Mayumi Tanabe - General Accounting Department