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Hello, my name is Nagaoka, the principal of Kanrin Japanese School. At present, there are about 400 students from 32 countries are studying at our school. They are from Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Central/South America.

Today we are living in the Internet society. Just being in your own country, you can access to outer world through the Internet. Then why is it important to study abroad? It is because there are many living information you can get only by living there. There are so many things you can understand only by living and experiencing in other countries.

We are facing many issues, such as environment, food, energy, ethnic groups, etc today, and the issues are piling up day by day.

In order to overcome such world issues, we need to understand and cooperate each other. I want all of you to look back the history, in which people misunderstood each other by different culture and ended up in conflicts. Now is the time we need international communication more than ever. Once you start studying different language, you will find more differences than similarities from your own culture/language. Please recognize many differences and talk about it with others. After talking about cultural and linguistic differences, you will recognize that we have something very important in common; that we are all same human being. It is very important to recognize this fact. It’s very important because we all need to coexist and live together.

No one can live alone.

It is the same about a country. No country can exist on its own because people are supporting the existence of each country. Who are the people we are speaking about now? It’s you. It is about all of you, who are going to be the leaders of new age.

I hope more and more people would come to Japan to study Japanese. I welcome your studying abroad here in Japan. Thank you!