2010graduate/Cherry(Kingdom of Bhutan)

Kanrin is one of the wonderful Japanese Language School for Foreign students.
I am an ex. Student who studies there for almost 12 months and I had one of the greatest experience and moments of my life.
The faculty of the college are just awesome, helpful in each and every way, very friendly, excellent service and they won't make you miss your old school days.
And guys if you are looking for an awesome Japanese Language school I would highly recommend Kanrin, it's very close to Tokyo and Yokohama and there's a train station just a minute away making the school location so very convenient.
I have attached some of my favorite moments and its captured during my graduation day my last day at the Kanrin.
And the third picture is with one of my favorite, The Principal of the college.
One of the greatest and the humblest man I ever met!
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